What type of screening service is this?

This is a more tailored service for pregnant clients seeking an expert advice and reassurance by a Fetal Medicine Specialist. Whether you wish to come in for an ultrasound scan and a brief expert consultation, or have an NT scan and a Harmony test done, or you have concerns over potential hereditary heart conditions or a reason to suspect you might suffer from pre-eclampsia – all of these are very valid reasons to book an appointment with our very popular in-house expert, Dr Athanasios Tzelepis.


Harmony (NIPT) test package

Harmony or a Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is a screening method  for determining the chance of the baby being born with Down’s syndrome or other particular chromosomal anomaly.

It is obtained from a mother’s blood sample and is non-invasive.

NIPT is based on assessment of  small DNA fragments from baby’s placenta (so-called cell-free DNA or cfDNA) that are disseminated in the blood of every pregnant mother. Placental cfDNA is usually identical to the DNA of the baby and testing it provides an opportunity for early detection of particular chromosomal anomalies without harming the baby.

It is superior to any other screening tests for Down’s syndrome, including the Combined Screening Test (CST) or quadruple test used by the NHS.

Harmony package would be performed together with an ultrasound scan at 11 weeks of pregnancy.

In the case that not enough cells are found in the blood sample, we will provide the re-test free of charge.

It is important to understand that like any other screening test, Harmony (NIPT) can not provide a definitive answer about whether or not a baby has Down’s syndrome or other tested chromosomal condition.
If the results are positive (high chance) a follow-up invasive testing is needed to get a definite diagnosis. Any invasive test carries a small risk of miscarriage.

What does Harmony package include?

  • Brief consultation with Dr Tzelepis
  • Full 11 week ultrasound scan, checking the Nuchal Translucency on the back of the baby’s neck and other markers
  • Harmony blood sample taken
  • Full diagnostic ultrasound report
  • Harmony results in 3-5 working days
  • Follow up brief consultation call to discuss the results

What are the preparations for this scan?

No preparation is necessary for the Harmony package


£ 600.00

Fetal Echo Scan Package

This is package including a detailed ultrasound examination of fetal heart performed by fetal medicine specialist, Dr Tzelepis.
Meticulous examination of the fetal heart is offered to pregnant women who are at a higher risk of carrying a baby with a congenital heart defect. This could be due to having a strong family history of heart conditions, previous child born with a heart defect, or due to the mother suffering from diabetes, rubella, lupus or phenylketonuria, for example.

What does Fetal Echo include?

  • Brief consultation with Dr Tzelepis
  • Full ultrasound scan of the baby’s anatomy with a focus on the heart
  • Doppler of the baby’s heart
  • Full diagnostic medical report



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