What is a Liver Scan?

Liver ultrasound scan is a diagnostic examination by ultrasound, designed to show the size and structure of the liver, echogenicity of it and any possible growth ot focal changes within liver. It is performed in order to detect any abnormalities.

At Private Ultrasound Clinic we offer expert liver scan service 6 days per week, with good availability on the same day you call to book.

This efficient and quick medical diagnostic service provides you with piece of mind and enables you to act swiftly, should you need to consult your Doctor after the scan for further investigations.

What will the scan examine?

Liver scan will detect abnormalities such as the following:

  • Liver can be enlarged if there is a presence of mass, tumour, cysts, inflammation or congestion.
  • Liver cysts present as well defined and contain fluid, if found. They are usually benign but can be parasitic or malignant too.

Cyst nature could be confirmed with addittional diagnostics such as CT or MRI.

  • Liver masses or tumours represent growth within liver and can be bening or malignant (primary or metastatic from other malignant tumours).
  • There are also benign and common liver changes such as Hemangiomas.
  • Liver scars and regeneration nodules are related to liver cirrhosis.
  • Impaired blood flow, congestion or free fluid around liver can also be seen in cirrhosis.
  • Fatty liver is a condition where liver shows increased exhogenicity and and appears lighter on scan than it should be.
  • Elevated Liver function tests are usual reasons for liver ultrasound referrals.

Liver can be congested and bile ducts enlarged if gallbladder does not function properly if there are gallstones within gallbladder or blocking canal that drains it.

In severe liver disease there is usually ascites- free fluid in abdominal cavity.

How is the scan done?

Liver scan is performed trans-abdominally, with an ultrasound probe gently gliding across your upper abdomen.

A small amount of ultrasound gel is spread on top of a small area in order to enhance the ultrasound’s performance.

The procedure is painless and it does not take longer than 15-20 minutes,

What is included?

Your liver scan appointment will include:

  • Immediate full diagnostic report,
  • High resolution digital images of your liver

What are the preparations for this scan?

For the liver scan a minimum of 4 hours fasting is required- no food or drinks except water during this short fasting period.

If you are on any medication or therapy or have diabetes, please let us know.

You should continue to take your therapy/ medications as normal.

How easy is to book an appointment?

We introduced an easy and user friendly online booking system for your convenience.

We understand the pressures of our fast-lane lifestyles nowadays and strive to meet your busy schedule by offering a fast-track, same day appointments during weekdays and Saturdays, as well as 2 evening clinics on alternate days each week.


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