What is a Neck scan and why have it?

Thyroid and neck is a non-invasive and painless ultrasound diagnostic scan aimed at detecting any abnormalities or potential sources of a disase.


Neck ultrasound scans are usually initiated after a neck lump or swelling is found.


Other reasons to consider a neck scan may include a feeling of neck discomfort, enlarged lymph nodes, known thyroid disease or abnormal thyroid blood test, as well as blocked salivary glands.


Carotid neck Doppler is another type of neck scan that checks blood flow within neck vessels that feed brain and inner ear and can give early indication of atherosclerosis.

How is the Neck scan performed?

Our Consultant Radiologist would ask you to rest in a comfortable position laying on your back, while he spreads small amount of ultrasound gel to your neck and then gently applies the ultrasound probe – gliding easily on the surface of the skin.

There is absolutely no pain or discomfort caused by the ultrasound scan,.

What will the scan examine?

  • Thyroid,
  • Salivary glands,
  • Adjecents neck structures,
  • Ubmandibular glands,
  • Parotid glands,
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the neck
    Carotid Doppler can be applied as an optional separate scan

Can Neck scan detect Thyroid cancer?

Yes, an ultrasound diagnostic scan can detect thyroid cancer – some cancers are very visible and clear to see, while some may appear less obvious and visible during the ultrasound examination.

In those cases when there are suspicious or adverse findings, Private Ultrasound Doctor will recommend a biopsy or further imaging such as  MRI, in order to clarify it with certainty.

What is included?

  • An instant full diagnostic report
  • Free diagnostic scan images

Is someone available at the clinic to discuss further questions/ concerns after the scan?

Yes, an ultrasound specialist Doctor, Consultant Radiologist will be available to talk to if you have additional questions or concerns.

We may ask you to show the report to your own Doctor/ GP if further investigation is required.

As we are a part of wide professional network, we will also be able to provide details of where to have a biopsy or MRI privately, should this be helpful – please feel free to ask away.

What are the preparations for this scan?

No preparations are required.

How easy is to book an appointment?

It is very easy to book an appointment via our website. You do not need a referral letter from your own Doctor or a GP in order to book it.

We introduced an easy and user friendly online booking system for your convenience.

We understand the pressures of our fast-lane lifestyles nowadays and strive to meet your busy schedule by offering a fast-track, same day appointments during weekdays and Saturdays, as well as 2 evening clinics on alternate days each week.



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