When it comes to early pregnancy scans, one of our next blog topics, we will also be looking at  Nuchal scans, anatomy, growth and gender scans, while inevitably discussing the importance of presentation scan, 4d baby bonding scans and the all-important Doppler scanning.

Turning our attention to more general female wellbeing and female health, Well Woman Scans topics will cover subjects such as pelvic scans, fertility scans, abdominal scans, ovarian cancer screening, neck scans and many more.

Similarly, male health will also be the focus of the wealth of Well Man topics: here you will find details about kidney and bladder scans, prostate scanning, liver scans, upper and lower abdomen scans, testicular scans, carotid Doppler and many more!

So stay tuned and read our blog.

What is Private Ultrasound?

Private Ultrasound is a private ultrasound scanning clinic based in 127 Harley Street, central London. We offer a wide range of scanning services, including 3d/4d baby scans, early pregnancy scans, fertility scans, abdominal and neck scans (for both women and men). Providing clients with top quality service with more than 25 years of experience in this practice, Private Ultrasound offers medical expertise at the most competitive prices in Harley Street. Our mission is to provide the best ultrasound services at the most affordable rates and access to everyone.

We do not charge extra for weekend or evening appointments. Our online reviews speak volumes, as do the many happy returning clients.

To sum up

Knowing your baby’s gender before it is born is a decision that may influence the second half of your pregnancy, but cannot influence your baby’s gender. While many parents prefer not to reveal it, due to the surprise factor and the enjoyment of expectancy, there are many others who cannot wait for the big day and prefer bonding with their baby by referring to it as either a ‘he’ or a ‘she’.

Whatever group you belong to, do not forget to enjoy your pregnancy. Also, learn all about the journey of pregnancy, familiarise yourself with what scans to have and how to take care of yourself while expecting, and, most importantly, remember that the joy of giving a new life is the greatest gift there is. Nobody can take that away from you.

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